We’re Licensed Building Practitioners specialising in concrete tile conversions and all re-roofing solutions.

We’ll re-roof anything, anywhere, any time. You call, we haul. Its that simple!

And its not just concrete tile removals we do. If you have a tired old rusted corrugated roof or an old tired Decramastic roof we’ll replace those with Colorsteel also. It doesn’t matter if its a single storey, two storey or multi storey, because its OUR story! We wrote the book on it!

All our roofing materials come with a solid warranty backed by NZ Steel and our own no-nonsense personal installation warranty of 10 years is stamped on our workmanship and payment on completion is at your satisfaction.

Dave Hooper Roofing your Roofing & Re-Roofing Specialist Christchurch

If you’re looking for top quality products, top quality service, top quality installation and top quality people, then look no further.

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